The product is good quality and reasonable price Very quiet, very good.. easy to set up I was able to easily assemble the bike. It is quiet when riding and provides a range of resistance. Not too complicated.

Experience a smooth & quiet ride with the stationary exercise bike equipped with a heavy duty flywheel & adjustable resistance

Featuring a triangular structure and H-type base for a strong and stable ride. Suitable for 100kg+ riders


Spin Bike | Indoor Exercise Bike | Flywheel Exercising Cycling Fitness Workout

Original price was: $449.Current price is: $399.


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A fully adjustable indoor exercising bike for the whole family to use. The wide seat & handlebar is 4-way adjustable to adapt to different height & weight of users.

  • Heavy-duty flywheel spin bike
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Bike Weight: 16.7kg
  • Dimensions: 46.5cm x 160cm x 85cm
  • Max Load Weight: 100kg
  • LED Functions: Scan, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Odometer, Heart rate

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Original price was: $449.Current price is: $399.

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Smash through your fitness goals in the comfort of your home with the indoor exercise spin bike which features pulse sensors and a digital display to track your progress.


Sturdy & Stable Indoor Stationary Bike

The Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Guarantee The Stability While Cycling. Featuring the triangular structure and H-type base, whether you are standing or riding, there will be no wobbling or creaking. I

LCD Monitor & Ipad Holder

The indoor bike’s multi-Function Digital Display Can Track Your Exercise Time, Speed, Calories Burned, Distance And So On.Help You Understand Your Exercise Progress And Adjust Your Exercise Plan.The Tablet Phone Bracket Easily Holds Mobile Devices,To Enjoy Exercising And Entertainment Simultaneously.

Home gym ready

Easy to set up, robust, and with a quiet operation, this flywheel exercising bike is perfect for the home – taking away the hassle of a commute and gym fees and featuring a convenient tablet holder so you can cycle and listen to music, watch TV or follow along with a tutorial.


The workout you want

Choose from a range of preset modes to achieve the results you want, whether it’s a high-octane cardio workout to shred calories, marathons to improve endurance, or incremental sessions to up your fitness, you’ll be able to do the workout you want every time.


Superior flywheel

Compared to standard friction resistance, this exercise bike machine features a resistance flywheel that has a smooth and silent operation. Experience the efficiency and power of intelligent engineering.

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What is a Spin Bike?
A Spin Bike is a type of stationary exercise bike specifically designed for high-intensity cardiovascular workouts. It features a heavy flywheel that mimics the feel of riding a road bike and offers a challenging and effective workout experience.
How does a Spin Bike work?
A Spin Bike utilizes a flywheel mechanism, which provides resistance as you pedal. By adjusting the resistance level and changing your pedaling speed, you can simulate different riding conditions and intensify your workout.
What are the benefits of using a Spin Bike?
Using a Spin Bike offers numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance, weight loss, muscle toning (especially in the legs and core), convenience of exercising at home, and the ability to track and monitor your progress.
Is a Spin Bike suitable for beginners?
Yes, Spin Bikes are suitable for beginners as well as experienced cyclists. They offer adjustable resistance levels, allowing users to start at a comfortable intensity and gradually increase the difficulty as their fitness level improves.
Can I adjust the seat and handlebars on a Spin Bike?
Yes, Spin Bikes generally have adjustable seats and handlebars to accommodate users of different heights and body types. This ensures proper ergonomics and a comfortable riding position during your workouts.
Does a Spin Bike have any additional features?
Some Spin Bikes come equipped with additional features such as a digital display console to track workout metrics (e.g., speed, distance, calories burned), built-in workout programs, heart rate monitoring, and compatibility with fitness apps or devices.
Is it easy to assemble a Spin Bike?
Yes, Spin Bikes usually come with detailed assembly instructions and all the necessary tools. With basic mechanical skills, you can typically assemble the bike within an hour or two.
Can a Spin Bike support different intensity levels?
Absolutely! Spin Bikes offer adjustable resistance levels, allowing you to simulate both flat road rides and challenging uphill climbs. This versatility enables users to customize their workouts based on their fitness goals and preferences.
Is it possible to simulate outdoor riding on a Spin Bike?
Yes, Spin Bikes are designed to closely mimic the experience of outdoor cycling. The flywheel mechanism provides a smooth and fluid pedaling motion, and the adjustable resistance allows you to simulate different terrains and riding conditions.
Where can I buy a Spin Bike?
Spin Bikes are available for purchase through various retailers, both online and offline. You can find them at fitness equipment stores, sporting goods stores, and online marketplaces specializing in exercise equipment.


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