I got this pedal exerciser to use for my mother in law who has limited mobility. It is so simple for her to use…. very happy with the purchase.

Mini exercise bike specifically designed to be used exercise arms & legs. Helps improve muscle strength & blood circulation.

Easy to assemble. Quiet, stable & space saving. Suitable for under your desk or at home


Mini Exercise Bike | Portable Pedal Exerciser

Original price was: $199.Current price is: $159.


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Folding design makes the mini stationary peddler bike easy to open and close. So it is convenient to carry it out or put it in home storage.
Product Specifications
  • Item Package Dimensions LWH :  ‎52.7cm x 36cm x 25.4cm
  • Display Type :  ‎LCD
  • Item Weight ‎:   3 kg
  • Frame Material : ‎Alloy Steel

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Original price was: $199.Current price is: $159.

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The portable exercise bike can be adapted to different people. It can help the elderly to carry out medical physical therapy, help sedentary office workers relax and reduce stress, help fitness exercise better and so on. It’s foldability and portability determine that it can be used in any situation. 



An extra fixing strap and the 4 non-slip rubber can increases stability as it prevents friction between the floor and the pedal exerciser. The adjustable 4 hole foot strap can adapt to different sizes of feet. And the design of sponge sleeve can insulated heat to prevent burns from fever as the pipeline because the machine is running too long



Pedal exerciser for seniors is equipped with a LCD monitor that can show time, count, calories burned and RPM. Short press the red button to switch these data or long press the red button to reset the monitor. And it automatically shuts off after 4 minutes of inactivity



The tension knob can adjust the resistance level according to your needs. You only need to turn the knob left or right, it will decrease or increase the intensity level. So for the elderly, beginners, physiotherapists or sedentary workers, it is all a suitable machine



Folding design makes the pedal exerciser easy to open and close. So it is convenient to carry it out or put it in home storage. It can be used in the office as well as at home, easily fitting under a desk or similar space

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What is a Mini Exercise Bike?
A Mini Exercise Bike is a compact and portable exercise device that consists of pedals and can be used for low-impact cardiovascular workouts and leg exercises. It is designed to be used while sitting.
Are "Mini Exercise Bike" and "Portable Pedal Exerciser" the same thing?
Yes, “Mini Exercise Bike” and “Portable Pedal Exerciser” are interchangeable terms used to describe a small exercise machine that allows users to pedal to engage in physical activity and promote fitness.
What is a Pedal Exercise Machine?
A Pedal Exercise Machine refers to a fitness device that utilizes pedals for exercise. It can be a mini exercise bike, a larger stationary bike, or any other exercise equipment that incorporates pedal motion for workouts.
What are the benefits of using a Mini Exercise Bike?
Using a Mini Exercise Bike offers several benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, enhanced leg strength and endurance, increased calorie burning, convenient and flexible workouts, and the ability to engage in physical activity while seated.
How portable is a Portable Pedal Exerciser?
A Portable Pedal Exerciser is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it highly portable. It can be easily moved and transported, allowing you to exercise wherever you go, such as at home, in the office, or while traveling.
Can a Mini Exercise Bike be used for arm exercises?
Yes, a Mini Exercise Bike can also be used for arm exercises. Some models come with attachable handles or straps that allow users to engage in upper body workouts by pedaling with their hands.
Are Pedal Exercise Machines suitable for seniors?
Yes, Pedal Exercise Machines, including Mini Exercise Bikes and Portable Pedal Exercisers, are often recommended for seniors. They provide a safe and low-impact form of exercise that can help improve cardiovascular health, leg strength, and overall mobility.
How does a Portable Pedal Exerciser stay in place during use?
Many Portable Pedal Exercisers feature non-slip rubber feet or a stabilizing base to ensure stability and prevent the machine from sliding during use. This helps keep it securely in place while pedaling.
Can a Pedal Exercise Machine be used under a desk?
Yes, Pedal Exercise Machines are often designed to be compact and low-profile, making them suitable for use under a desk. This allows you to engage in exercise while working or performing other seated activities.
Is a Mini Exercise Bike suitable for rehabilitation purposes?
Yes, Mini Exercise Bikes are commonly used for rehabilitation purposes. They provide a gentle and controlled form of exercise that can aid in recovering mobility, improving circulation, and regaining strength in the lower body.


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